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rifle. Its look is sporting yet elegant, offering an outstanding match of comfort and aesthetical value. Stock and forend are made of wood with “soft touch” paint, a layer of matt black rubber which gives the surface a firm and pleasant grip; the rubber butt plate is particularly soft. Receiver, bolt, lever, barrel and all visible metal parts are protected by corrosion through a special, matt chrome treatment (called “hard chrome”) which, besides being absolutely elegant, remains unaltered through time. The Hard Chrome treatment contains ruthenium, a metal of the platinum family which yields an opaque finish that will not highlight finger marks. The semi-octagonal barrel (18" in USA, 22" barrel in the resto of the world) is manufactured by button rifling; the short magazine holds 4 shots (plus one in the receiver). Another special feature to model 1886 are the Skinner Sights, which are particularly popular and well appreciated in the United States. Manufactured by an artisan and produced in small series, the Skinner sights allow for an excellent precision, plus a functionality, aesthetical appearance and a durability which can stand any comparison and make for the perfect match to a hunting rifle.
Ref.DescriptionCaliberNo. ShotsBarrel LengthTotal LengthWeight Lbs.
920-3041886 LEVER ACTION KODIAK Half-octagonal barrel45/704+122"41"7,5
920-3011886 LEVER ACTION KODIAK Half-octagonal barrel45/704+118"37"7