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TRIPLE CROWN, Triple barrel shotgun
Item Number: 930-031
12 gauge shotgun, with "Rem-choke" an all three 28" barrels. Capacity: 3x3" Magnum

Caliber : 3"-12ga or 3"-20ga Type: Three barrel shotgun
Action : Break open
Feeding : Manual
Barrel : 12ga 28" - 20ga 26" chrome lined bore with Rem choke thread; chokes MC-5: SK, IC, M, IM, FULL
Trigger system : Single mechanical; firing sequence: right, left, top
Front sight : Fluorescent, fixed
Safety : Top tang button safety
Finish : Matt blue barrel and white receiver; checkered walnut stock: LOA 14,5", DAH 2.125", DAC 1.125"
Weight : 12ga: 8.7 lbs; 20ga: 7.6 lbs
A break-down soft touch hardcase is included.
Ref.DescriptionCaliberNo. ShotsBarrelLengthTotal LengthWeight
930.031Triple Crown.12328"45"8.7 lbs
930.032Triple Threat.12318.5"35.5"8.2 lbs
930.033Triple Crown.20326"43"7.6 lbs
930.034Triple Magnum RealTree.12328"45"8.6 lbs
930.035Triple Magnum.12328"45"8.6 lbs
930.036Triple Tom.12324"41"8.3 lbs