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Item Number: SEE CHART

Model: Chiappa LA322
Caliber : 22LR
Type: Rimfire rifle
Action : Lever Action
Feeding : Tubular 15 round magazine
Trigger system : Single
Front sight : Hooded
Rear sight : Buckhorn style with adjustable elevation and windage (receiver is drilled and tapped for scope base)
Safeties : Hammer half cock
Finish : wood stock + color case receiver; synthetic stock + matt black receiver

Item CodeAvailabilityCaliberShotsBarrelLengthTotal LengthFinishStockWeightRear sight
CF920.351World.22LR1518.5"35.5"Color CaseWood5.5 lbsAdjustable
CF920.352World.22LR1518.5"35.5"Matt blackSynthetic5 lbsAdjustable