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1892 Lever Action TAKE DOWN, 20" Rifle
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The TAKE DOWN version is available on all Chiappa Firearms versions of the 1892 model rifle and carbine. A beautiful wooden case specifically designed for the Take Down model (item code 820.017) allows for easy transportation and protection of the gun. Originally, the takedown version of the 1892 was produced exclusively on special order, therefore it has always been considered a rare and precious item. The fine machining of Chiappa Firearms replicas will satisfy even the most demanding collector, hunter and Cowboy Action Shooter.
Ref.DescriptionCaliberNo. ShotsBarrel LengthTotal LengthNo. of GroovesRate of TwistWeight Lbs.
920-3121892 Alaskan Take Down.44RM10+120"octag.40.6"61x206.6
920-3111892 Alaskan Take Down.44RM8+116" octag.50"61x206
920-3411892 Lever Action Take Down.45LC12+124"octag.42"61x167
920-0641892 Lever Action Rifle.45LC12+124"octag.42"61x167.3
920-1291892 Lever Action Rifle.357Mag10+120"octag.38"61x196.6
920-3401892 Lever Action Skinner.44RM8+116"round34"61x206
920-3351892 Lever Action Trapper.357Mag8+116"round40.6"61x196
920-0671892 Lever Action Carbine.45LC10+120"round38"61x166.6
920-1331892 Lever Action Carbine.357Mag10+120"round38"61x196.6
920-1851892 Mares Leg.45LC5+112"round24"61x165.5
920-2111892 Mares Leg Take Down.44RM5+112"octag.24"61x205.5
920-3321892 Mares Leg Pistol.45LC4+19"round21"61x164.8