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Chiappa Firearms Is Celebrating It's 65th Anniversary!




Pistols & Shotguns,
Made in Italy since 1958

CHIAPPA FIREARMS is the Italian group specialized in the production of firearms and today one of the most important world leaders in the sector.

Founded in 1958 in Brescia, an area devoted to the production of firearms for centuries, the company offers a vast and constantly developing catalog of pistols and rifles: copies of historic American and muzzle-loading firearms, lever-action hunting rifles and rifles, .17 and .22 rimfire pistols and rifles, sporting and self-defense pistols and revolvers such as the famous Rhino, signal and alarm pistols and compressed air pistols.

Still owned by the Chiappa family today, the group includes the companies Chiappa Firearms Srl (production of firearms for defense, for sporting activities and reproductions of historical firearms), the company Kimar (production of blank and signal pistols), the company ACP (training systems), Costa Srl (metal surface treatments) and the company Chiappa Firearms USA Ltd (distribution in America).

The Chiappa Group from its origins to the conquest of the world

The history of the Chiappa group begins in the late 1950s, when Ezechiele (Oscar) Chiappa founded his own company called Armi Sport. Initially born as an artisan workshop, the company has continued to grow over time until the establishment of the Chiappa Group.

Thanks to the great technical experience gained in over 60 years of activity, the ability, courage and entrepreneurial spirit of the president Rino Chiappa and the total dedication to the work of the family members, the new industrial reality immediately met with enormous success. A path that still stands out today for the attention to technological development, the understanding of market needs with the constant introduction of new models and the constant support to clientele.

A process of value: organization, precision, attention to detail

The order and organization are the characteristics common to all sectors of the company: from work with numerically controlled machines (CNC) for the production of strong steel components created mechanically, such as castles or breechblocks, or for making any type of stock and other smaller parts; to the manufacturing of gun barrels, to the die-casting and modeling of plastic materials; the use of ovens and equipment for heat treatments; to the surface finishing process, such as using bleach, parkerized finish, nickel plating as well as tools suitable for cutting and polishing metal and wood components.

The result is a production of excellence, with a vast range of firearms, rifles and pistols with an excellent quality-price ratio and a lean and flexible production process at the service of clientele.

The production stages

All stages of development and manufacturing of Chiappa Firearms shotguns and pistols are carried out by the company itself.

The entire production process is managed and coordinated by a computerized system which, in addition to managing all the processing steps, allows execution times to be controlled and costs to be monitored. But technology alone is not enough: in Chiappa the value of traditional craftsmanship coexists with modern organization, ensuring maximum efficiency of the activity.


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